Unlock the Value Of Your Assets with Hilco Fixture Finders’ On-Site Liquidation Services!

If you have unwanted furniture, fixtures or equipment, Hilco Fixture Finders can monetize your fixed assets quickly and easily. We bring over 25 years of experience as retail merchandise liquidators, to every on-site liquidation project, which means you will get higher recovery rates and the full support of our proven marketing and logistics systems. Using the latest technology and our substantial investment capital, we can generate amazing results for your retail store liquidations in a timely manner.

Our On-Site Liquidation Process:

• Once we receive your inquiry, someone will be in touch with you to discuss the goals and timeline for your on-site liquidation.

• Our experienced team will evaluate your assets and prepare an agreement detailing what your assets are worth as well as the work that will need to be done.

• After you’ve signed the agreement, we can start liquidating your assets at a mutually agreeable time.

• We will leave your building broom-swept and ready for resale, sublease or surrender to your landlord.

• You will also receive photo verification of completion of your on-site liquidation.

Benefits of Choosing Hilco Fixture Finders for Your On-site Liquidation:

1) We are equipped to serve any of your needs during on-siteretail store liquidation s, from general merchandise retailers to supermarkets and warehouses.

2) No matter your reason for the on-site liquidation, Hilco Fixture Finders has extensive experience as retail merchandise liquidators. We know how to turn your assets into cash. So whether you need to liquidate some assets to cover service project costs, remodeling costs or because you are closing or relocating your store, we can help.

3) We pride ourselves on being a green company, meaning that most of your fixtures will be up-cycled.

4) Our on-site liquidation process will leave your facilities in full compliance with any leasehold requirements or local ordinances.

5) Hilco Fixture Finders is willing to work with you to structure your compensation agreement, which means you’ll get a financial structure that will work for your goals and needs.

6) We have the experience and the team to get the job done right. With over 175 highly qualified field consultants, you’ll get hands-on service in every aspect of the on-site liquidation process.

We Don’t Just Recycle. We Up-cycle.

Instead of discarding or recycling assets, we can help you up-cycle them! Our green process of reusing your liquidated fixtures keeps thousands of tons of material from entering landfills or being recycled.

To learn more about our On-Site Liquidation and Retail Fixture Up-cycling processes please contact one of our experienced sales team members or fill out the Get a Quote form today!